Amity Professional Services (APS) opened in 2002 offering a variety of services including web design, bookkeeping services and property management. Over the last few years we have phased out some services to focus on the growing Website Design, Development, Maintenance and Hosting Services. APS still offers Website and Computer Consultant Services for individuals and small businesses. The goal of APS is to bring you an excellent service at a reasonable price.

APS operates, a website designed to help improve the Maine economy by promoting "Buy Local & Keep the Money in Maine".

APS provides full website design, development, and hosting services including maintenance contracts to ensure your site remains current. If you are looking for full website development services or just a place to host your site, give APS the chance to show you what good service is. We believe our online SureSupport┬« support service is the best in the business. We guarantee a one-hour response time; the usual response time is much less. When you are working on your site, you want support answers quickly not 24 hours from now. If you need support during our office hours, we will gladly give you assistance with any problems or questions.

APS makes sure your website works across all platforms from your wide screen computer to your smart phone and everything in between; a critically important feature in today's fast paced techonology driven world. If your site is outdated please call or email and we will be glad to discuss updating your website for today's technology.



All design and development work is done in our 100% Solar Powered Home/Office.

The sun and wind have been the primary energy source for our off-grid home since 1994. Amity Professional Services began operations in 2002 also utilizing both Wind and Solar power for an.

In 2012 we upgraded our solar panels, inverter, batteries and removed the small windmills. Since this upgrade we have not had to run a generator. It gets close during the dark days of winter, but with a little conservation we make it through. We have also added a home freezer during this period. 

Our servers are located in Massachusetts in a very secure sever facility with proper back-up power to be sure your site stays online and secure.


AMITY WEBS, your premier web hosting &  web design company, a division of  "AMITY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES", is located on Spring Hill in Amity, Maine; this small Aroostook County (The County) town of approximately 200 residents is located right on the Canadian border. At Amity Webs we strive to make the web a safe and friendly place for all to use and enjoy. We make every effort to be one of the most ethical web hosting, design, and development companies in the world.

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a host and/or a designer/developer for your web site. Of course, there are the usual items such as storage space, amount of data transfer, databases, etc.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT is one of the most important assets behind a web hosting company. Customer support is what makes the difference in the world of web hosting. We are here for you - 24/7! Our qualified support team will provide you with all the help you need and when you need it. Our SureSupport® ticket system guarantees a 1 hour response time (much less in most cases). This gives you the support you need to keep your site(s) up and running properly.

SERVER PERFORMANCE is another important factor in looking for a good hosting company. Servers that are overloaded, host sites that hog resources, or are not properly maintained will run slower then normal affecting all sites on the servers. We ensure that our servers are not overloaded and can continuously run at peak performance. Amity Webs does not allow sites that tend to hog server resources slowing down our servers. See our terms of use

NEED A WEB SITE OR UPGRADE YOUR EXISTING SITE? Regardless of if it is a personal web site to post family photos, recipes, favorite movies etc, a small business, or a large business site, Amity Webs is here for you. We will make sure it works the way you want. We will work with you to design and develop a new site or upgrade an existing site. Amity Webs makes use of proven open-source software, content management systems (CMS), extensions, components, and plugins to help keep the cost of site development reasonable where and when appropriate. We also develop sites in HTML5. Contact us for pricing.

SITE MAINTENANCE is another priority of a good web site. It is not enough to just place a site on the web and leave it unless you are providing only static information. Keeping your site up to date and current is very important, this makes sure you get the most from your site. Amity Webs offers full updating service on all sites that we design including maintenance contracts special designed for your specific needs to ensure that your site is always up to date.