Amity Professional Services

Amity Professional Services (APS) opened in 2002 offering a variety of services including web design, bookkeeping services and property management. Over the last few years we have phased out some services to focus on the growing Website Design, Development, Maintenance and Hosting Services. APS still offers Website and Computer Consultant Services for individuals and small businesses. The goal of APS is to bring you an excellent service at a reasonable price.

APS operates, a website designed to help improve the Maine economy by promoting "Buy Local & Keep the Money in Maine".

APS provides full website design, development, and hosting services including maintenance contracts to ensure your site remains current. If you are looking for full website development services or just a place to host your site, give APS the chance to show you what good service is. We believe our online SureSupportĀ® support service is the best in the business. We guarantee a one-hour response time; the usual response time is much less. When you are working on your site, you want support answers quickly not 24 hours from now. If you need support during our office hours, we will gladly give you assistance with any problems or questions.

APS makes sure your website works across all platforms from your wide screen computer to your smart phone and everything in between; a critically important feature in today's fast paced techonology driven world. If your site is outdated please call or email and we will be glad to discuss updating your website for today's technology.