About Us

Amity Webs

Amity Professional Services aka Amity Webs started in business in 2003. This gives us over 12 years experience in web design and development.

Put this experience to work for you. With our experienced staff we can build the site you envision with the functions you need.

All sites we build are functional and work across all platforms. This is vital with today's smartphone popularity.

About Us

Custom Built Sites
Custom Site


Graphic Design

We offer logo creation and graphic design
using your photos, or purchased images
to add endless personalization to your site!


Developing All Sites

We will develop most any site you want be it an informational, e-commerce, newsletter, blog, municipal, chamber of commerce, charity or other type of site!


Flexible Customization Options

We use professional customizable templates delivering a wide variety of block layouts and packed with both handy features which add endless personalization and design!

Your Site Your Way

We take the time to communicate often with you so you get the site you want!

Why a Content Management System?

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is website software that keeps track of your content in a database. Content includes text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything else.

Powerful Yet Simple to Use Editors

No special skills are required so anyone can update a CMS. The availability of easy to use WYSIWYG editors makes it very simple to add or update content in your website

Flexible Customisation

With a large number of customizable templates and themes and a larger number of available extensions, it becomes very easy to customize to what you need.

Regular Updates

The CMS’s and templates clubs perform regular updates to keep your site secure and to make sure you have the latest features available.


Great Support